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I'm a North Vancouver based photographer specializing in creative portraits and travel photography.

Photographing people is my passion. When a small part of a person's unique personality comes through in one of my photos, that's when I feel I've made a successful picture.

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I was in Munnar, a tea-growing town in the Western Ghats mountains in southern India, where the misty hillsides are covered by seemingly endless tea plantations. Surrounded by this incredible scene, I set about capturing it with my camera.

Out of the tea fields, a man emerged onto the road carrying a machete; clearly a local tea farmer. I asked him if I could take his picture, and was taken aback by his bright, welcoming smile. This friendly stranger gave me the gift of a favourite photo from one of my trips to India. By taking this photo, I feel I communicated my interest in and respect for his way of life. It is included in my People gallery.

Spontaneous moments like these are what make photographing people exceptionally rewarding.